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Your Trusted Technology Partner

Ruark Technology Solutions is focused on adding value to your business through the application of technology guided by your operational and strategic goals.  Our team is committed to leveraging your technology investments into tangible, positive business outcomes with a focus on honesty, integrity, and the highest levels of customer service and quality.


We take pride in being your trusted partner, understanding the constant pressure to deliver on your commitments, stay compliant, drive fiscal responsibility, and remain at the forefront of the industries you serve.


How may we help you today?

A Little About Us

Founder Steve Ruark believed that technology was becoming too complicated, causing the average person or business to spend their valuable time working for their tech instead of it working for them.  He also believed that that the application and support of technology was often performed by people who didn't fully understand how that tech actually helped the person or business succeed in their own mission or achieve their own goals.

Ruark Technology Solutions was founded in 2017 to address these concerns and put people back in control of their technology so that they can focus on their primary objectives.


The guiding principles that continue to make us a trusted partner in our mission to leverage tech investment into positive outcomes are:

  • Be Honest: It's that simple

  • Treat people with respect: Everyone has different levels of knowledge and experience

  • Focus on goals and outcomes: Tech is is often a means to an end, not an end itself

  • Act as a strategic partner: Help people support the "now" and plan for the future

  • Strive for top-tier customer support: Focus on problem resolution, not problem identification

Ruark Technology Solutions offers a wide array of technical support and consulting services through our in-house talent, as well as a strong consultant network.  Some of our primary offerings are:

  • Hardware Support and Maintenance

    • PCs, Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Servers, Switches, etc.​

    • SLA-Driven (pre-OEM) support, configuration, installation, etc.​

  • Software Support and Maintenance​

    • SLA-Driven (pre-OEM) support, configuration, implementation, etc.​

  • Software Project Management​

    • Custom Software Development​

    • Implementation Management

  • Engineering/Manufacturing Technology Services​

    • Mechanical 3D design, Manufacturing Drawings, Design Automation, etc​

    • Engineering Data Management Setup/Support

    • ERP/MRP Selection, Implementation, Support

  • Technology Consulting

    • Tech-Enabled Process Optimization

    • Alternate Tech Evaluations/Implementations

    • Board/Advisory Services

    • Compliance Strategy

As we continue to push further into our future, we remain focused on providing best-in-class partnership across a range of technical support and consulting services.  We are excited to continue growing with you on this journey!

How may we help you today?

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