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Technology Solutions and Services Designed Specifically for


Ruark Technology Solutions is focused on adding value to your business by providing technology solutions and services that address your specific needs, challenges, and preferences.  We pride ourselves in relentlessly searching for ways to help you leverage your technology investments into positive business outcomes.  Our team is driven by your success and isn't satisfied until you achieve your goals.

Solutions that Fit the Way You Work

Each solution that RTS provides begins with a discovery and understanding of your unique business and personal needs. No matter the complexity of the need, RTS will deliver a solution that exceeds expectations and supports your business and personal goals.

Services that Deliver Results

Our support and consulting service packages are designed with your needs at the center.  Whether you're needing software support for an e-mail system, hardware support for servers and computers, or needing to extract maximum value out of existing software or hardware assets, we will deliver a solution tailored to address your specific needs and drive value into your bottom line.  We love helping our clients harness the power of technology!

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